CRB Tandem Bar




Double Your Cleaning Speed!

The Tandem Bar connects two CRB machines of the same type (TM4, TM5, PRO35 & PRO45) and allows you to control both machines with one handle. This is ideal in wide open commercial spaces. Instantly doubles your cleaning width.

Easy To Set Up

CRB Tandem Step 1

Step 1

Take two machines, side-by-side, of the same type (PRO35, PRO45, TM4, TM5).

CRB Tandem Step 2

Step 2

Remove each handle and place the machines next to each other facing the same direction.

CRB Tandem Step 3

Step 3

Attach the tandem bar on both machines and mount one handle on top.

CRB Tandem Step 4

Step 4

Plug the power cord of one machine into the outlet of the second machine.